A Social Media Guide on How to Succeed in Network Marketing Today

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Are you someone who uses the social media for your network marketing business? Do you want to know how you can use the social media to succeed in your network marketing business? Do you want to learn how you can maximize the social media for your network marketing business?

The social media is such a wonderful tool for your network marketing business.  When properly used, you will still sound professionally in network marketing. I have seen many campaigns in the social media where these have been misused. As a result, these campaigns look spammy, desperate-sounding and unprofessional.

In this article, you will learn how to succeed in network marketing today using the power of social media.  You will also learn how to use social media to grow your network marketing business. You will discover how to properly use the social media and you will realize how it can help you generate more leads for your business.

Learn how to use the social media for your network marketing business.

If you are ready to learn how to use social, read on.

1.  Be Consistent in Your Profile Picture

Consistency is a critical key.  The success of your social media campaigns depends on your consistency.

Stick to one professional-looking profile picture. Use it in all of your social media accounts.  Never change it for the reason of making them get used to your profile picture.

It’s a noisy world out there. Your posts appear in your audience’s or your friends’ newsfeeds so as the posts of their friends.

In order for them to easily spot on your post, help them associate your posts with your profile picture. Your profile picture will serve as your identifier in the noisy world of social media. It will represent you.

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When you post an update in your account, your profile picture comes along with it.  When they are used to see your profile picture, they will easily identify your posts.

How about the cover page? You can change it all you want because they will not appear in their newsfeeds every time you post something. You are not limited to your creativity.  Have fun!

2.  Be Relational

Social media is designed for us to interact with one another, to get and stay connected and to develop a relationship. I’m sure, you don’t want to get sold at, so as the other people.

Why are you in social media? 99% of the time, you are on Facebook to get updates from your friends. You are in Twitter to get instant information from the people you follow. You are in Pinterest to collect images and ideas. You are primarily in social media to get entertained, not sold at, so as the rest of the population.

Be relational. Connect with people because you are a relational being. Use the social media to build relationships, not recruit people.

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One of the reasons social media is bias against network marketing is, it associates network marketing as a get-rich-quick scheme.  Some users pretend as if they are offering you a network marketing opportunity, but the truth is, they are one of those get-rich-quick pyramiding scams.

Because of what they’ve been doing, social media developed a bias against network marketers. If you are recruiting people in social media by showing them a get-rich-quick offer or luxurious cars and mansions (that you don’t own) or a bed filled with money, stop doing it now!

Professional network marketers don’t do that.  They use social media to establish and build relationships.

3.  Be Non-Promotional

Do you like watching advertisements on TV? How about pop-up advertisements on websites that you are visiting? They look irritating, aren’t they?

Never posts a direct promotion that tells everyone, “Hey! I have a business that can make you earn P1000 right after you sign up and it can make you earn P100,000 by doing nothing! Message me for more details.”

Not only you would look lunatic, you will also sound unprofessional and desperate. Remember, people don’t want to get sold to. They are sick and tired of advertisements.

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When you post to recruit, they will avoid you and you will not like it.  They will avoid you before you even say a word because of what you’ve been posting. Some will even stop following you and some will block you. Worse, some will report you as spam.

If you can’t post promotional posts, then what should you be posting? Post images of the events that you attended. Post live updates from the event. Post images of you and your friends in the business. Post quotations, post useful links. Post like what other humans would!

Keep sharing, stop promoting.

4.  Be Native

Each social media platform behaves differently. No social media platform is the same. A single type of post will not work with every one of them. Learn the native of a social media platform.

What works with one social media platform may not work for another. For example, Twitter is limited to 140 characters while in Instagram, you can post more than 140. Your hashtags are limited in Twitter while you can hashtag-all-you-want in Instagram.

Learn how to use the native language of each social media platform and strategically use them.

5.  Be Yourself

Never sound like a robot when you post. Be human.

Never pretend you are somebody else.  Be yourself.

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In conclusion,

Social media is a useful and powerful tool for your MLM strategy. Use it properly to increase the number of leads for the expansion of your network marketing business.  Use it strategically, use it professionally and use it humanely.


Grow Stronger and Live Better,

Niño P. Natividad

Founder of RichJuan.com – Digital Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Online Strategist and Blogger. Visit his website at NinoNatividad.com

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