5 Reasons Your Social Media Presence is Essential for Your Network Marketing Opportunity

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Are you someone who wants to know how to maximize your social media presence for your network marketing business? Do you want to know how your social media presence can help you in your network marketing opportunity? Do you want to know why your presence in social media is now essential for the success of your business?

Your social media presence is helpful for your network marketing opportunity. It can help you build your brand, establish your authority, keep your connection more open, create more relationships and broadcast updates.


Research shows that there are 1.47 Billion social media global users in 2012 and it is expected to increase to a total of 2.55 Billion in 2017.  With social media, your reach is expanded.

1.  Build Brand

When done properly, your social media presence can help you build your brand as a network marketer.

Why is it important to build your brand? Because you want to be someone that people could trust. In social media, you can build that trust.

The social media is a noisy medium for your network marketing opportunity. In order to avoid that noise, build your brand.

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2.  Establish Authority

Establishing your authority doesn’t mean becoming someone in power. It means, becoming someone who knows what you’re doing.

In social media, you can become someone who has an authority in network marketing. There are some network marketers who at first never considered establishing their authority in social media. After they’ve seen social media’s potential in growing their business, they considered it. As a result, these people established their authority in social media as experts in network marketing.

In social media, people will believe you when you have established your authority as an expert in network marketing.


3.  Keep Connection More Open

Your social media presence opens more connection for your network marketing business. People from around the globe can easily connect with you virtually. You may be miles away from them, but you can get connected with them.

By having your presence in social media, anyone who is interested in your network marketing opportunity can easily contact you through your social media account.

4.  Create Relationships

In social media, you create relationships, not recruit people.

The social media is a space where everyone wants to get connected to and from one another. Through social media, searching for your pre-school batch mate becomes easier. Searching for the person you admired in primary school becomes more convenient.

Your social media presence helps you create relationships. It can help you get connected to old and new friends.

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5.  Broadcast Updates

Posting for your network marketing opportunity becomes easier and more convenient using social media. When broadcasting updates, don’t recruit. Instead, post updates about the event that you are currently attending in, post images of you and your business partners having the best days of your lives, post your results from the products that you’ve consumed, post links that are information that may be useful to your friends or audience and post announcement of upcoming company events.

Unlike in traditional publications, broadcasting an update for your business is made faster and easier with social media.

In conclusion,

The social media is a powerful tool that you can use to help you build your network marketing business. Your presence in social media can help you grow your business. Include social media in your network marketing strategy today!

What do you think? How else can social media help you in your network marketing business? Has social media helped you grow your network? Let us know by answering these questions in the comment section below.


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