How to Effectively Deal with Different Types of People Interested in Network Marketing

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Do you want to know the various personalities that you will encounter in your network marketing business? Do you want to know how you can take advantage of them? Do you want to learn how you can deal with each personality?

In this article, you will learn the different personalities of people. You will discover how each difference will give you the advantage. You will find out how you can deal with each personality well.

There are four kinds of people you will meet in your career as a network marketer. These are the Carers, Considerers, Controllers, and Celebrators. Knowing the strengths of each personality will give you an advantage on how you deal with each.

OK, let’s get to know them one by one.

four people in network marketing


Carers are emotions oriented. They are soft-spoken and they talk slower. They can be shy and quiet and they can be highly sensitive. Carers are very good listeners and very understanding. By nature, these people are kind, caring and they love to help others. They value friendship, peace, nature and harmony. They are accommodating and flexible.

They are relaxed and they avoid conflicts at all costs. They can blend in with any situation. This kind of people tends to agree with all sides which can lead to indecision. They have difficulty in making decisions.

Things Carers don’t like:

Carers don’t want to be pushed around or to be placed on a spot. They don’t want others to decide for them. They don’t like the feeling when others dominate them in a discussion or when others rush things.

How to deal with Carers:

To show your support to them, give hugs, kisses, cards, gifts or anything that they can keep. Be welcoming and show sincere interest in them. Have a friendly conversation with Carers before going into business.

embracing each other


Considerers are details oriented.  They are deep thinkers, analytical and methodical. They need to know all the facts when making decisions and their objective is to be right. This kind of people is very detail-oriented.

In nature, Considerers are perfectionist due to their systematic, precise, and logical approach to problems or solutions. They take their time in their thinking.

Things Considerers don’t like:

Don’t come across with them disorganized. Be early when you have an appointment with Considerers because they are strict with time. Don’t be pushy with them. Never use exaggerated testimonials because they don’t appeal to them.

How to deal with Considerers:

Give them their facts and get into detail. Be logical with your approach. Listen to them carefully and give them time to think about their decision. Be formal in your approach because they are business-like.

game of chess


Controllers are results oriented. They are fast paced thinkers, risk takers, strong-willed and less patient. They talk fast and they want to get things done. They know what they want and they understand how to get there.

They are very energetic, hardworking and composed. They communicate quickly and they are straight to the point.  They can be tactless because they’re not very emotional and not very sensitive. They love to be always right.

Things Controllers don’t like:

Don’t run around the bush because they are impatient. Never waste their time and never be too personal because to them, it’s only business. Never ask irrelevant questions. Finally, they like to feel they are in control so don’t make them feel that you are in control.

How to deal with Controllers:

Get down to business quickly. Give them facts and ignore the details. Show them results because they are important for them to make quick decisions. Always remember to be confident when having a conversation with Controllers.

point attack


Celebrators are socials oriented.  They are the life and soul of the party and are highly energetic. They are fun to be with, they talk fast, they walk fast, and they value relationships. They are great story-tellers, good communicators, and visionaries. What they love about is being the center of attention.

They are very informal, animated and optimistic. Their imaginations are overwhelming. They can easily get distracted if they are having fun. Sometimes, they are usually late but they make sure they’re present.

Things Celebrators don’t like:

Don’t get into details and never suppress their opinions. They don’t like it when you’re too detached. They won’t also like you if you are business-like or task-oriented. Never try to inhibit their creativity.

How to deal with Celebrators:

Socialize with Celebrators before stating any business. Be enthusiastic and match their energy when telling them your ideas and be quick in telling them. Remember to add humor in your conversations.

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In conclusion,

These are the four personalities that you will encounter along the way.  Never use a single approach to all because it doesn’t apply to everyone. How you deal with people depends on their personalities. Carefully read their personalities and use this information to effectively recruit them for your network marketing business.

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