9 Effective Steps on Prospecting in Network Marketing

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Are you someone who wants to learn how to prospect effectively for your network marketing business?

Are you someone who wants to know how to increase the size of your sales leaders or distributors?

Do you want to know the steps that successful network marketers are following?

Prospecting in network marketing is essential when you growing your business. It is important because without it, you won’t grow the size of your organization and you won’t be able to find the leaders in your organization.

In this article, you will find out the steps on how you can prospect effectively for your network marketing business. You will discover the tools that you will need to succeed in this technique.

If you are ready to learn more about how to prospect, let’s begin.

1. Create Your Warm List

Creating your warm list is the first step especially when you are new to network marketing. Warm list is the list of names of people you know whom you met personally.

writing a list

According to social experts, by the time your age is 25, you would have known 2000 people. That means, you have at least 2000 names in your warm list. These people may be your relatives, friends, classmates, organization mates, church mates and the list of categories goes on.

List them down one by one without thinking about their physical location and financial capability.

2. Target 30 People per Day

Network marketing is about probability. The more people you reach out to, the higher the probability of getting high quality leaders for your organization.

When you target 30 people per day and 5 times per week you would’ve reached out to 600 people in a month. There are about 570 people who will reject you and the rest (30 people) would sign up.

Of the 30 people who signed up in your organization, 1 may become a leader. The other 29 will either quit or become product users. When you do this consistently every month, after a year, you would’ve developed 12 leaders in your organization.

Assuming each leader moves at least $10,000 worth of products per month, that’s a total of at least $120,000 worth of product movement in your organization per month. At the end of the year, your organization would’ve moved at least $1.44 Million worth of products.

Get the picture?

cartoon people

3. Offer from the Heart

In the beginning, you will be provided with scripts. It is advisable that you use that script verbatim.

However, here’s the catch. Don’t sound like a robot when are delivering your script to your prospect. It is not about what you say but how you say it.

When you prospect somebody, offer from the heart. You can memorize the script in the beginning but later on, you can revise the script according to your personality.

The people in your warm list may find it weird when you deliver the script that is not written for your personality. They may think you’re on high.

4. Make a Follow-Up

It goes like this. When you are dating someone, especially men, most of the time men would ask the women of the next time they would meet again.

Making a follow-up is like this. When you contact a new prospect for your business, it’s crucial to follow-up in the next 24 hours.

5. Qualify Quickly

You are prospecting for the right people for your network marketing business. To save a lot of time, qualify your prospects quickly by asking them this qualifying question.

“If the money is good and if it won’t interfere with what you are currently doing, are you open to take a look at the project?”

If they answer yes to your qualifying question, set up a meeting with them. If their answer is no, it may not be the right time for them so don’t waste your time on them.

But remember to ask their permission to contact them again for the progress of your business or ask them for referrals.


6. Listen

When the business is presented to your prospect, listen to what they have to say.

Some of them may want to join you because they want an extra $1,000 per month. Never pitch them $50,000 per month if what they want is $1,000. If you do that, you will make them uncomfortable and they might change their minds.

Some of your prospects may want to join you because they want to provide more for their loved ones. Some may join you because they want to help other people.

Whatever their reasons are, listen. Never judge, only listen.

7. Set-up a Meeting

There are a lot of ways to setup a meeting with your prospects. You can setup a three-way meeting with your upline sponsor them over coffee or you can invite them over a business briefing. With the use of internet, you can invite them to log in to a live webinar.

But what if your prospects want to start right away? Skip this part and proceed to Closing.

meeting room

8. Closing

When you get a positive reaction from them regarding your business opportunity, sign them up as quickly as possible in front of a human being.

But if they are overseas and they want to start the business, you can sign them up online if your company has that feature.

9. Make them Commit

Not all who signed up will take action. The final step when prospecting in network marketing is to make them commit.

You would know they are committed when they comply with your system by filling out a product order. Don’t be afraid to tell them that they need to file out a product order because you would know when someone is committed or not.

If they say they won’t do it, it’s not really your lost. You saved time in filtering out the person who is not interested in your business. So, move on to the next person!

In conclusion,

Prospecting in network marketing requires a lot of time and effort to master but when done consistently, you will become a natural prospector. These steps on how you can prospect can help you gain confidence and find more people for your business.

Go out and start prospecting!

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