7 Bad Habits that You Should Avoid when Recruiting for Your Business Opportunity

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Are you someone who is struggling in your network marketing business because you can’t recruit? Are you having doubts whether what you are doing is right or wrong? Do you want to know how to level up your recruiting skills?

In this article, you will discover the bad recruiting habits that you should NOT follow when growing your organization or when you only have started. These habits made a lot of unsuccessful network marketing professionals.

If you want to become a better recruiter, check out these bad habits that should not be emulated. If you are ready, read on.

Bad Habit #1 – Talking Negatively about Your Competition

A competitor could be a cross-line leader in your network marketing company, leaders of other network marketing companies, other network companies or products of other companies.


Each competition has an advantage over the other, but that doesn’t mean the other is better or worse than the other.

Instead of putting them down, talk positively about them. Talking negatively about them won’t make you better network marketer.

Bad Habit #2 – Telling Prospects, “This is Easy and everyone can do it!”

This is one of the most common “convincers” that network marketers use. Some of them offers the opportunity as an invest-today-get-rich-now kind of scheme. Network marketing doesn’t work that way.

Network marketing is simple but never easy and not all will do it. For you to become successful, you have to put in a lot of efforts and you need to work.

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Everybody will not do it because of whatever reasons they have. Though it’s not for everyone, network marketing offers equal opportunity to everyone regardless of gender, race, or religious belief.

Bad Habit #3 – Throwing in a lot of Medical Claims

Most of the network marketing companies are into supplementary products. Always be clear that supplements are not medicines. Although some of them are pharmaceutical grade, they are not considered medicine.

Instead of making medical claims, describe the experience you had with the products. Make sure to describe the products effectively without making medical claims.

When you make medical claims of the products that you distribute, you are doing something illegal and misleading.

Bad Habit #4 – Tendering the Best Compensation

Each network marketing companies have their own compensation plans. Some say one is better than the other and some say they have the best compensation plan.

That is not true.

There’s no best compensation plan, but all compensation plans are fair. The more work you put into the opportunity, the more you get paid.

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Bad Habit #5 – Too Salesy

You should not be thinking how to sell the prospect on the opportunity to get them started at any cost when exposing the prospect to the opportunity for the first time.

The reason why they are joining is because of their own reasons, not yours. Get them started for their own reasons. Get them make the move in signing up.

Although selling has a critical role in the opportunity, but as professional network marketers, we should act more like a consultant.

Bad Habit #6 – Trying to be a Know-It-All

It’s a big trap to appear that you know everything about the business opportunity. Don’t behave as if you know everyone in the business.

Never be overconfident and don’t be arrogant. Your prospects might get a bad impression about you and they might avoid you whenever you meet them anywhere.

Keep it simple. Go through the presentation or give them the tools that they would need with all the information.

Bad Habit #7 – Threatening Prospects If They Won’t Sign Up

Network marketing is not for everyone. Only sign up those prospects who raise their hands and tell you “I’m in!” Only work with people who volunteer to work with you.

Some will, some won’t, so what? Next!

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That is the chant that you should always remember when you are recruiting someone. That person may or may not like the project. If they are signing up, great! If they won’t, it’s totally OK. Just move forward and keep moving forward.

You have no time to look back and you’ll have no enough time and energy to work with someone who shows no interest in the opportunity.

In conclusion,

These are the bad habits that you should not follow. Many have failed because of these habits. Do the opposite of these and see your recruiting skills develop.

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