7 Key Steps on How to Be Successful in Network Marketing

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Network marketing is simple but not easy. It will require you a lot of work, dedication and motivation. Why is it that some can make it while some won’t? Do you want to know the secret why some are successful while others are not?

To get success in network marketing, you have to shape your destiny. Successful network marketers shaped their destiny. The next question now is, how do you shape yours?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can shape your destiny and get the success that you desire in network marketing. If you are ready to change your destiny now, read on.

Step 1.  Thoughts

It all begins with your thoughts. The best innovations in the world started from the thoughts. Most of these innovations came to birth from a two-word question, “What if?”

woman thinking

Your journey to become a successful network marketer begins with your thought. Nurture this thought to shape your destiny.

Napoleon Hill, who is the author of Think and Grow Rich said that what the mind conceive, the body can achieve. But that is partially true. Before you achieve your desired destiny, you need to undergo the additional steps.

This leads us to step no. 2 – words.

Step 2. Words

From thoughts come words. This is the second step to success in network marketing. Words are the result of the thoughts you conceived in your mind.

Use positive words, use words that encourages others and use words that motivate you. Words have power beyond the limits of your mind.

speaking to a tin can

The Bible says, on the first day of creation, God says, “Let there be light.” And there was light. Words can make what seems to be impossible to a human brain become possible.

Words can make you the person you become. If you are a frequent user of negative words, guess what? You’ll live a miserable and stressful life! But when you start using positive words, you will notice changes in your life. How did I know? Because I did it. My life has changed because I decided to change the words that I am using.

Words have power and it can influence your actions.

Step 3. Actions

Taking action is the next step to your success. Thinking without action will give you no result. Talking without actions will give you no result as well.

Think, talk then take action.

When taking actions, you are involving your other senses. There’s a study that shows that recalling a memory becomes faster when more senses are being involved in the process of memorizing it.

When you consistently do the same actions, you will form habits.

newtons cradle

Step 4. Habits

Habits are actions done regularly.

A study was conducted among astronauts.  They were given tasks on earth that simulates what could be in space.  This was done so that their muscles will find no difference and they will develop an instinct in space.  Scientists found out that muscle memory can be achieved when done regularly for 21 days.

Imagine a grass field. The air is fresh and grasses are green. Then walk on a path, memorize it. On the next day, pass along the same path. Doing it regularly, you will notice that on the path that you walked on, you left a pathway.

Habits are like that. Doing an action regularly forms that habit in your brain and as if, it works automatically.

When you have formed a habit, people will notice your character.

Step 5. Character

Your character is crafted by the habits you formed. Character is the person you are. Character is the result of the habits that you formed in your life.

If you have a habit of helping people, others will see you as a generous person. If you have a habit of teaching people, others will see you as an intellectual person.

Your character defines who you are and it shapes your destiny.

confident man

Step 6. Destiny

Your destiny can be formed. There are no accidents in this world. Successful people became who they are right now because they had once thought of the person they wanted to become.

They used the right words and they added actions to their thoughts. Their actions formed habits which formed their character. Because of their character, they formed their destiny.

Step 7. Legacy

Beyond destiny is legacy. Who do you want to be remembered when you die? What do you want to contribute here on earth when you start journeying to the next life?

Legacy is offering your gift to the world. It is giving the world your uniqueness, your ability, your contribution and your love.

holding hands of father and child

Jim Rohn, who was once the most influential personality development teacher of his time, was once a successful network marketer. His legacy gave way to more successful network marketers who became legends in the industry.

What legacy would you leave?

In conclusion,

You can create your destiny and you can leave a legacy. You can become the person you want to be. Learning these steps is the beginning of creating your legacy.  Just follow these steps and you will be amazed of the result that you will get. This is the formula of the successful people in network marketing.

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