Stuck in a Traffic Jam? Here are 10 Ways to Be Productive (and Have Fun)

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Do you hate it when you get stuck in a traffic jam? Do you want to know how you can take advantage of the traffic jam? Do you want to learn how to be productive in a traffic jam?

A traffic jam is one of the worst nightmares you and I can experience. It seems like we are going nowhere and it feels like getting to our destination takes forever. It’s a boring and an unproductive situation.

I realized after battling hundreds of hours in a traffic jam, I cannot control the situation but I can control my response to it. I discovered there are actually many things that I can do even if I’m stuck in a traffic jam. As a result of adjusting to the situation, I have always been productive in any traffic jam. I experience no dead time.

In this article, you will learn the various methods that I use to stay productive while being stuck in a traffic jam. I’ve been doing them for several years and they never miss adding value in my life. If you are someone who actively finds ways to stay productive while being stuck in a traffic jam, read this article.

1.  Read a book

This doesn’t matter if you have a physical book or a digital book. Just like muscles, continue to stretch your brain. Take advantage of the slow-moving vehicle that you are in.

reading a book

2.  Listen to an Audiobook

If reading a book is not your thing, listen to audiobooks. This allows you to rest your eyes on reading and this is highly recommended if you are in a very crowded vehicle.

3.  Watch a Recorded Seminar

Always save a copy of recorded seminars in your mobile device, you’ll never know when you’re going to watch them. In the case of a traffic jam, they are very useful.

4.  Listen to Recorded Seminars

If watching recorded seminars is not your thing or if you don’t have a video player, then listen to audio versions of seminars.

listening to recorded seminars

5.  Watch an Instructional Video

Instructional videos widen your knowledge. If reading a book or listening to audiobooks is not your thing, then watching instructional videos can be yours.

6.  Write an Article

Do you have a blog or do you write an article for a publication? A traffic jam can be your best friend. I normally write at least an article while I am stuck in a traffic jam. It increases my productivity.

7.  Get to Know a Stranger

Who said you can’t socialize in a traffic jam? Are you seated beside a stranger? Talk to that person because 90% of the time, that person is bored. Connect with that person and I’m sure you will learn something new from that person.

8.  Call Loved Ones

make a phone call

Call the people who matter to you and let them know that you’re OK. Aside from telling that you are OK, you can reconnect with them and update them on your life.

9.  Brainstorm

If you have a project or if you have a business, getting stuck in a traffic jam can be a blessing because most of the distractions that you can experience in your workplace or at home are eliminated. Just turn off your phone and stay away from the internet.

10.  Pray

Nothing beats a prayer. Thank your Creator for all of your blessings. Talk to Him and tell Him what you want in your life. Your God is everywhere, anyway.

In conclusion,

There are a lot of ways you can stay productive while being stuck in a traffic jam. Use the opportunity to grow yourself by adding value in your life. Always remember, you can always become productive while being stuck in a traffic jam, always.

Have fun and enjoy the traffic jam!

What do you think? What are your experiences in a traffic jam? How can this article help you become productive? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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I always read your blogs sir but I would suggest you take out the words “your” and “anyway” in #10 last sentence.
Just my opinion. By the way I like this article.

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