How to Create Wealth in Your Next Delayed Flight

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Do you find it irritating when you flight is delayed? Do you want to know how flight delays could be your friend and create out of it? Are you someone who wants to know how NOT to get stressed and become productive during flight delays?

One day at the airport, my wife and I were so excited to go home for the holidays. It was only one hour until our boarding time when the PR system sounded, “We regret to inform you that your flight will be delayed. We ask for your patience and we thank you for your understanding.” There were murmuring.

Learn how to maximize time and create wealth a in delayed flight.
Learn how to maximize time and create wealth a in delayed flight.

After 30 minutes, the PR system sounded again, “We regret to inform you that your today will be further delayed by two hours. Again, we ask for your patience and we thank you for your understanding.” Bursts of frustrations were everywhere while my wife and I left the gate and went somewhere to spend that time to be productive.

Delayed flights happened to me several times and chances are, they happened to you, too. Once in your lifetime, you will experience a flight that’s delayed. When that happens, never get frustrated but rejoice. It’s an opportunity for you to be productive and create wealth.

bags at the airport

In this article, you will discover techniques that you can use to stay productive which will result in creating wealth despite of a delayed flight. You will learn how to maximize your time while waiting to board your flight. If this article resonates with you, continue reading.

1.  Read a Book

Don’t allow your brain to remain stagnant. Grab a book and start reading. Through reading, you will be reminded of old things and discover new things. You will get inspiration and motivation, even ideas.

A paper was published by Anne E. Cunningham and Keith E. Stanovich about what reading does to your mind. This paper tells us that reading makes you sharp as you age and it makes you smarter.

Reading will keep you calm and avoid the frustration of a flight delay announcement. It will reduce stress.

woman reads a book

2.  Write an Article

Every delayed flight is an opportunity to write an article. Express your thoughts in your articles. I have known a lot of authors who maximized flight delays to write an article or a chapter of their books. Flight delays are never downtimes when you write an article.

As a network marketer, writing for your blog is a great way to use your time.

Keep writing until you board the airplane.

3.  Talk with Fellow Passengers

When is the better time to talk with strangers and prospect business partners? During delayed flights.

Lorie is a good friend of mine. One day, after leaving the washroom, she found out that her flight got delayed for an hour. When she went back to the gate, a man expressed how frustrated he was because of the announcement. Then she told him that it’s going to be OK then they talked and at the end of their conversation, the man agreed to meet Lorie for a business meeting.

Turn downtime into downline time.

minions talking

4.  Plan Your Activities

Do you have activities in your mind? Plan it out.

While waiting to finally board, you can write down the activities that are ahead of you. You can list them for two reasons – record and remind.

Record the activities that you are planning for the day or even for the week. It can help you visualize the activities that are ahead of you.

Remind yourself of the activities that you are planning to do. You may have forgotten them.

Plan and write down the activities that are ahead of you just to make sure you have everything recorded. It will also serve as your reminder.

planning your activities

5.  Spend Time with Loved Ones

We were so excited to be boarded when the announcement came that the schedule of our flight was delayed.

My wife was so frustrated, but I told her to calm down and enjoy the moment because we were together. Thank God, she took my advice.

When a delayed flight happens to you and when you’re with someone, go explore the area. Discover what the airport can offer more. If you are alone, talk with other people or call your loved ones. Simply have fun.

It’s true that there’s nothing you can do to get boarded on an airplane that’s not existing yet, but you can make use of your time to spend it with your loved ones.

adults with their child

In conclusion,

A delayed flight is not bad, after all. It’s completely up to you how you want to manage it or how you want to spend it. Do you plan on wasting your time or do you plan to maximize it. You decide.

What do you think? What were your experiences when your flight was delayed? What did you do when you knew that you cannot board yet? Let us know by answering these questions in the comment section below!


Grow Stronger and Live Better,

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