3 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference When Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Are you an employee who wants to become an entrepreneur? Are you somebody who wants more time and more money for your family? Do you actively find ways to become financially free?

In this article, you will learn why successful entrepreneurs who were once employees made a decision to become an entrepreneur.  You will learn what they achieved when they became successful entrepreneurs and what you can achieve when becoming an entrepreneur.  If you are ready to learn what you can achieve when you become an entrepreneur, read on.

Learn about these changes in your life.
Learn about these changes in your life.

1.  More Time

My mentor and personal hero, Pax Paculaba got involved in his business because he wanted more family time and he wants to make her wife happy. It is said that happy wife, happy life! Kidding aside.

I learned so much from this guy because he’s a perfect example of someone who was an employee and did whatever it took him to become an entrepreneur. He did it not for himself but for his family.

Pax grew up without a father figure. I remember when he told me that he would receive cassette tapes of recorded messages from his dad. His father worked as a captain of a ship.  One day, when he was playing outside of their home in Cebu, a man approached their gate and called out his name. He got afraid then he immediately ran inside their home.  He rushed to his mother and he told her, “May mama sa gate.” (There’s a man at our gate).

His mother checked on it. She went to the gate and when she opened it, she saw the man. He was Pax’s father.

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We would sometimes laugh about how he never recognized his father, but the reality is, it happens to most of the children out there whose parents are working overseas.

Pax decided to become an entrepreneur because wants his children to experience the opposite. He wants to be with them from their first glimpse of the world, to their first steps, to their first words, to their first anything. He also wants to provide them well financially.

When Pax had their first-born son, he was there. He also witnessed ALL of their child’s every first anything. What Pax experienced would have not happened if he were still an employee.

Just like Pax, becoming a successful entrepreneur means more time for who and what matters to you.

2.  Give More

Every Sunday at the Feast, we have a declaration of abundance. We claim all the dreams in our hearts to come true.  We ask God to bless us more so that we can give more.

Bro. Bo Sanchez was a poor missionary. Every time people would come to him for financial help, he would feel bad because his money was not enough.

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One Sunday morning after the Feast, someone approached him and asked for financial help.  The man asked him for PhP 20,000 for the surgery of his loved one. With a smile on his face, Bro. Bo asked the man to bow down his head. He then prayed for him and for God’s provision for the man’s needs.

Bro. Bo knew he had only PhP20.00 in his wallet.

I know the feeling.

There were times when I saw old people who were hungry and I felt really bad because I didn’t have more than enough. There were times when all I could do is pray because I didn’t have enough money to help a loved one.

If someone will come to you and will ask for financial help and if that someone is the closest to your heart but you don’t have enough money, how would you feel?

Let’s change the scenario. Now imagine when you have more than enough to share with the people who matter to you. Imagine when you have more money to share to the world. Imagine when you are giving more to your favorite charity. Imagine when you bless your community and the world more, financially. It would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Yes, you can still give a lot when you are an employee but when you become an entrepreneur, you can give more.

3.  Solve Long-Term Problems

I am an employee and I am an entrepreneur. I am glad because I am living in both worlds, I get to know both of them.

One day, while I was on my way home from work, we were in our company’s shuttle service. The bus had a problem: it was completely filled.

There are center seats meant for that case. OK, the problem was temporarily solved.  A new problem arose: those that were seated at the center aisle are regular passengers. There were passengers who ride along. But there was a bigger problem: it would take the regular passengers to get stuck at the center seats for at least an hour and a half.

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I could imagine how horrible the feeling was because I’d been into many situations when I needed to be seated at a center seat.

While everyone was discussing about the potential solution to the problem, it made me think that they were looking to solve a short-term problem. The reality is, you should solve the long-term problem.

Imagine if you are an entrepreneur and you have all the time in the world and you have all the cars that you want and you don’t need to get seated in the center seat? What if that’s the case if you work on your assets?

It’s OK to find a solution to that short-term problem but I know it’s wiser to get submerged in a long-term solution.

I’m totally fine if you want to be an employee but if you want to get rid of the hassle of everyday commuting for work, you might want to reconsider.

In conclusion,

If you are someone who is tired of everyday problems such as irritating boss, hassle daily commute and politicking at work, then you consider developing yourself as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can give you more time and more money to spend on what matters more. Anyone can become an entrepreneur.  The question now is, will you?

How about you, why do you want to become an entrepreneur? Tell us your answer through our comment section below.


Grow Stronger and Live Better,

Niño P. Natividad

Founder of RichJuan.com – Digital Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Online Strategist and Blogger. Visit his website at NinoNatividad.com

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