10 Reasons You Should NOT Listen to a Broke Unhappy Person

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Are your dreams important? Do you want to make progress in your finances? Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

In this article, you will learn why you should guard your heart and mind against broke unhappy people. You will also discover how you should protect yourself from these kinds of people. If you want to know more about it, read on.

1.  A Broke Unhappy Person Drags You Down

Broke unhappy people will drag you down because they don’t want you to succeed. They want you to remain in a world where you are unhappy and broke. They want you to fail.

If they see you making progress, they will drag you down.

drag by cows

2.  A Broke Unhappy Person Stops You from Achieving Your Dreams

If there’s a roadblock in your life, these are the broke unhappy people. They will stop you from achieving your dreams and they never see any potential in you.

Never let them stop you from your greatness.

3.  A Broke Unhappy Person Gets Your Resources

Not only they will get your money, they will also get your time, ideas, and everything they see that’s valuable to you and to you.

Protect your resources from broke unhappy people.

4.  A Broke Unhappy Person Wastes Your Time

Broke unhappy people are experts in wasting their time. They will rather sit in front of the television and watch their favorite shows 25 hours a day.

When you are with them, they will tell you anything that won’t help you in your business. They will even share with your their favorite hobby—wasting time.

waiting for appointment

5.  A Broke Unhappy Person is Filled with Negativities

Everything, that a broke unhappy person sees, is negativity. They will never see hope, they will never see the light.

All they see is nothing and negativities. The bad news is, they are filling negativities in your life. The good news is, you can decide to reject it.

6.  A Broke Unhappy Person Discourages You

Who are the best people who discourage in the entire planet? The broke unhappy people!

If you are looking for an encouragement, they are not the right people to go to. They will strongly discourage you in whatever you do that will make you successful.

7.  A Broke Unhappy Person Tells Boring Stories

The broke unhappy people are the best boring story-tellers. All they tell you are stories of failures, stories of tragedies and stories of disasters.

If you plan to get unexcited, listen to their boring stories.

8.  A Broke Unhappy Person Curses

cursing man

Curse is the dialect of a broke unhappy person and hate is that person’s language. A broke unhappy person habitually curses. When the government does need give their needs, they curse. When everyone does not give all that they need, they curse.

Cursing is automatic and common to a broke unhappy person.

9.  A Broke Unhappy Person Encourages You to Hate

Broke unhappy people have love in their hearts but hate clouds the love in their hearts. These people are not only broke unhappy people, but they are broken people.

10.  A Broke Unhappy Person Backstabs You

When you are facing them, they will look angelic but when you’re not around them, they’ll tell everyone how bad you are.

They will tell stories about you that are not real.


In conclusion,

These are the reasons why you should not listen to a broke unhappy person.  When there’s a broke unhappy person around you, don’t listen to them but don’t ignore them because you might turn yourself into one. Instead, you acknowledge them. They are human beings, after all. They have greatness in them, but they are simply broken inside.

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