Network Marketing for Beginners: 5 Common Mistakes Newbie Network Marketers Commit

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Are you someone who has just started in network marketing? Are you someone who wants to know the common mistakes beginners in the network marketing commit? Do you want to know how to avoid these mistakes and accelerate your business?

Network marketing is simple but never easy.  Because many thought that this industry is so easy to do, many have committed a lot of mistakes. Many have been trapped in this belief and many did not grow in the industry.

In this article, you will learn the 5 common mistakes of network marketers. You will find out how you can avoid them. If you want to know more about how you can avoid these mistakes, read on.

1. Begging Others to Join

Network marketing is not for everyone. Never force others to join you. Never beg your friends to join you.

hand begging

Network marketing is an industry of giving, not getting or begging. Most newbies in network marketing beg others to join them because they fear they won’t be successful. They fear people won’t join them. They fear of not able to invite more people.

Begging is not what network marketing is all about. In network marketing, we offer an opportunity, not beg for our opportunity.

2. Talking Negatively about Other Network Marketing Companies

If you had a bad experience with other companies, keep it to yourself. There’s no point talking negatively about them. Your income will not increase if you talk negatively about them.

Why? Because in network marketing, we promote a positive environment. You can’t be positive if you keep talking about negative.

3. Making Medical Claims

If you are in the health and wellness industry, this is for you. Most newbie network marketers whom I know make medical claims.

Supplements are not medicines. Although they are of pharmaceutical grade, never ever make medical claims if you want a peaceful life.

Instead of making medical claims, share with them your experience of the product.

4. Not Attending Meetings or Events

Attending events or meetings is part of the equation of every successful network marketer. As a newbie, events can help you in two ways.


First, you will be exposed to successful people in network marketing. You can rub shoulders with them, you can ask them for tips, you can have a selfie with them. Being at the event, you will learn valuable lessons that can help you grow your business.

Second, events are your measuring stick. When I was starting in network marketing, I thought events were just for fun. I was right, partially. Events are there to help you gauge your progress in network marketing.

How many people have you brought to your event? How many people do you intend to bring to your next event? The people who attended the event are serious in their business. For you to know the number of people who are serious in their business, events will give you that number.

5. Not Seeking Coaching from Upline

If you are a beginner, always seek coaching from your upline. One of my mentors told me, “These two words can help you when you are confused or discouraged in network marketing—Call Me.”

Never be afraid to call your coaches. Network marketing is different from the corporate world. Coaches are there to guide you, not drag you. Always remember, your success is their success.

coaching in boxing

In conclusion,

These are the common mistakes that you will commit when you have just started in network marketing. Are these mistakes wrong? Of course, not! It’s an opportunity for you to learn from them. Should you keep making these mistakes? Absolutely not!

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