Network Marketing: 10 Things You Wish You’d Known Earlier

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Are you someone who is tired of your job and wants a brighter future for your family? Do you want to know why network marketing is a better opportunity out there? Do you want to know more about the network marketing industry?

In this article, you will discover the 10 things that you need to know about network marketing. You will also find out why some people choose network marketing as their financial vehicle. If you want to know more why network marketing is a better way to create wealth, read on.

1. Network Marketing is Legal

Not all network marketing companies are legal. There are companies out there that are not. These companies are pyramid schemes and they mask themselves as network marketing companies.

There are many ways you can do to check whether the company is legal or not. A checklist was created by the Direct Sellers Association of the Philippines (DSAP) to help and to guide you in spotting at a company’s legality. Through this checklist, you will be able to protect yourself from pyramid schemes.

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Another way to determine if the company is legal or not is by looking at the number of years it exists.  There are network marketing companies out there that are at least 20 years.

You can also check the legality of the company by finding it in the New York Stocks Exchange (NYSE), the biggest stock market in the world.  When a company is publicly traded on the NYSE, it only means that all of its books of assets, expenses are open to the public for scrutiny. There’s no doubt, it operates legally.

2. Network Marketing is a Personal Growth Business

In network marketing, your business grows as you personally grow. It’s a personality development business where you need to develop yourself.

There are companies that offer you a lot of training on personality development. If you are looking for a network marketing company, consider one that has a curriculum that will help you grow your personality or character.

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3. Network Marketing is a Relationship Business

Network marketing is also a relationship business. The size of your business depends on the quality of relationships you have.

Network marketing is influenced by the word-of-mouth marketing and relationship plays a crucial role in it.

4. Network Marketing is Simple, But Not Easy

If somebody offers you an easy plan, get out of that company right away. Network marketing is simple but never easy. You still have to put effort and time to grow your business.

Though it’s not easy, your coaches and mentors are there for you to help you and guide you along the way.

5. Network Marketing is a Practical Business School

According to Robert Kiyosaki, network marketing is a practical business school.

Anyone from different backgrounds can be a part of a network marketing company and they can acquire the skills that they will need in running the business.

You can learn practical and essential skills for your business. Network marketing offers you those skills that you can develop to become an entrepreneur.

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6. Network Marketing Offers Low Investment but High Return

Network marketing is the only business that can offer you a high potential earning with minimum risk and low investment.

In traditional business, you need to shell out PhP 10M of investment to gain PhP 100k. In a franchise, you need to shell out at least PhP 10M to get a stable company that can offer you about PhP 100k of profit. In network marketing, you can invest less than PhP 100k to get a profit of PhP 10M.

That’s the beauty of network marketing. It gives common people the opportunity to learn how to do business at a lower risk.

7. Network Marketing Promotes a Positive Environment

People in the network marketing industry are hyped. These people are excited most of the time. The positive energy of these people is overflowing and you don’t want to miss it.

In the employment world, employees drag you down so that they can get your spot. In the network marketing world, everyone pushes you up for your success. They will even cheer for you!

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8. Network Marketing can Give You a Replacement Income

Your income in network marketing can give you a replacement income from your current paycheck. It can give you the freedom that you want to spend time with what matters to you the most.

9. Network Marketing is a Recession-Proof Business

During the recent global recession, many were laid off from their jobs. Many companies declared bankruptcy. Many were not happy.

But in network marketing, almost nothing changed. It’s the industry that is not affected by the recession.

10. Network Marketing Offers a Legacy Income

Here’s what’s great about network marketing. You can have a legacy income from this industry.

Legacy income means creating an asset that you can pass down to the next generation. It is securing the future of your children or even your children’s children.

When choosing a network marketing company, consider this.

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In conclusion,

The network marketing industry is such a beautiful industry. It has helped millions of people around the world become wealthy and it empowered them to make a big difference in their causes. It allowed them to spend the time on what matters to them the most.

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