7 Advice to Part-Time Network Marketers Who Want to Succeed in Network Marketing

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Are you doing networking marketing on a part-time basis? Do you want to know how to succeed in network marketing while doing it part-time? Are you someone who wants to know how you can build your business while doing it part-time?

A majority of people who joined network marketing started out as part-time network marketers. Most of the successful people I know in network marketing were once part-timers.

If you think those full-time network marketers have the advantage of becoming more successful than you, think again. Network marketing is fair whether you are full-time or part-time.

In this article, you will discover the advice that I learned from successful network marketers who were once doing it part-time. These are timeless lessons that you can learn from and you can apply them to your business. If you are ready to rock your network marketing business as part-time, read on.

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1. Use Your Day Job Paycheck to Pay for the Bills

For now, it is still important to keep your day job to pay your bills. In the beginning, your income from network marketing won’t be enough to pay for your bills.

You will need to use your paycheck to pay your bills and you will need a portion of your time to build your fortune.

2. Use A Portion of Your Time Building Your Fortune

If you think you don’t have enough time to do network marketing, it only means it’s not valuable to you. If it’s really important to you, you will set a portion of your day to building your fortune in network marketing.

How much time should you spend building your business? It depends on how fast you want to see the result! Some people allow two (2) hours of their day for network marketing and they have success doing it.

Be consistent in setting a portion of your time building your fortune in network marketing.

3. Expand Your Network in Your Workplace

This is highly recommended for someone who has just started in network marketing. Where else can you find people who might be interested in your business opportunity? In your workplace.

I’ve seen successful organizations that are composed of officemates.

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4. Break Time is Business Time

When you are given an hour per day for break time, use 15-20 minutes of it then use the remaining to build your network marketing business. The 40-45 minutes of your break time might look small but when you sum it up, it’s about 3-4 hours of extra business building time for you per week.

5. Grow Yourself During Down Time

When there’s nothing else to do in the office, you can develop your network marketing skills by maximizing your down time.

Use this time to learn more about the industry, to enhance your inviting skills or your presentation skills or to improve your life skills.

You can read books, watch videos, or call your upline for coaching. Your downtime can be converted to an up time. Use it wisely.

6. Stay in Your Job Until Your Part-Time Income Matches Your Paycheck

It is advisable to stay in your job and build your network marketing business. When do you eventually quit your job? Some network marketers quit their jobs when your part-time income matched their day job income.

I know of some who quit their jobs when their income in network marketing is twice their day job paycheck.

It’s completely up to you when you want to quit your job.

7. Learn How to Balance Your Job and Your Business

balanced rocks

Successful part-time network marketers are masters of this: balance in a job and in the business.

Learn how to balance both worlds. They may be different but balancing both of them can give you a piece of mind.

In conclusion,

Building your wealth in network marketing while being employed is still possible. Follow this advice and grow your business while building it part-time.

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