4 Most Common Pitfalls of Beginners in Network Marketing

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Are you someone who is new to network marketing? Do you want to know the common pitfalls of every beginner in network marketing? Are you someone who wants to learn how to overcome these pitfalls?

Many beginners in network marketing suffered from these common pitfalls. These pitfalls made a lot of newbies quit their network marketing business.

In this article, you will learn the most common pitfalls of every beginner in the network marketing. You will also discover why these pitfalls will ruin your business and you will learn how you can minimize or get rid of it.

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If you are ready to learn more about them, keep reading.

Pitfall #1 – Small-Time Treatment

Some of the beginners in network marketing treat this industry as small-time. They didn’t treat it as a big business.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, network marketing is a big business because of its high potential of generating huge amount of money.

But some beginners treat it as a small-time business. As a result, they attend training or events whenever they feel and they wonder why their business is not prospering.

If you treat network marketing as a big-time business, it will treat you as a big-time business owner.

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Pitfall #2 – Taking Every Rejection Personally

Rejections are too common in network marketing. But there are some beginners who take it too personally and because of it, they fail.

When someone rejects you, they don’t reject you as a person but they reject what you are offering them. Their rejection may mean it’s not the right time for them, they’re happy in their current jobs or they don’t know the potential of the business.

If you encounter rejection, embrace it with open arms because every rejection leads closer to closing a business with someone who will do the business with you.

In network marketing, never treat rejections personally. Rejections are just a part of the business.

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Pitfall #3 – Attending to Dream Stealers

One of the most common pitfalls of newbies in network marketing is sharing what they found out about their network marketing business especially to their loved ones after they signed up.

Chances are, the people that they share their excitement to, is a dream stealer. These dream stealers may include your spouse, family members and even your close friends. That’s the sad reality.

They wanted to steal your dream because they care too much about you, they heard a lot of negative information about network marketing or they envied you.

If you are new to network marketing, seek coaching first and listen to your coach or upline before sharing the opportunity to others.

Pitfall #4 – Reinventing the Wheel

Some of the beginners in network marketing are fond of reinventing the wheel. They hardly trust the system of their network marketing business because they have too much ego in them.

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As a beginner in network marketing, learn first the basics of the business. Learn how it’s done and give it time.

Most of those who reinvent the wheel are highly likely impatient of their business. They want an instant result. As a result, they keep failing their network marketing business.

Network marketing is an established business. Reinventing it will make you fail.

In conclusion,

These common pitfalls made every beginner quit network marketing. These are also the reasons why some of them never became successful in network marketing. If you want to succeed in network marketing, avoid these pitfalls.

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