7 Effective Ways to Make your Network Marketing Page Likeable in Facebook

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Are you someone who is using a Facebook page to promote your network marketing business?

Are you someone who has an existing Facebook page yet only a few people Like’d it?

Do you want to know how to make your network marketing page be likable to your fans and influential to others?

Nowadays, network marketers use Facebook page to promote their business. Many have great success but more have big failures.

Facebook page is a great and powerful tool that you can use to attract the right people for your network marketing business.  Promoting it right will attract more people.

In this article, you will learn the essential tools and techniques to make your Facebook page likable. These tools and techniques have been found to be proven in Facebook to attract the right people who might be interested in your business.

Do you want to know more? If you do, keep reading!

1. Don’t Sell or Hard Recruit

The number 1 mistake of network marketers who have Facebook pages is hard recruiting.

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In their page, they pitch about recruiting others for their business and they totally get it wrong. When you do this, people will naturally UNLike your page and they may even report your page as a spam.

Because many of these pages have been reported as spam and unfortunately, Facebook tags a network marketing promotion as spam.

If you are managing a Facebook page that is intended for your network marketing business, never pitch your recruiting script.

2. Be Honest, Authentic and Transparent

Most network marketers separate their personality with their Facebook page. That makes them fakes and dishonest people.

Your Facebook page should match your personality. Never put a barrier between you and your business because in network marketing, you are your brand. And if you tell them who you’re not, then you’re faking it.

Some network marketers post images of them with hot cars. They even claim that those cars are theirs but the truth is, those aren’t theirs. They only rented out those cars or they pose beside somebody else’s cars.

Unfortunately, many have been using this old technique to lure people to sign up for their business. This is unethical and dishonest.

3. Provide Value for Free!

One of the reasons why people Like’d your page is because they want to get value out of it. They want to get something for free. Give away your best materials for free. Yes, you read that right. Give them away for free.

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You can give away the e-books that you read or the script that you are using or the sites that you visit for your business or whatever you think will give them value.

When you do this, you are providing your audience high value. You are giving them value.

The more you share free good stuff, the more people will love your page and they would even recommend your Facebook page to their friends and their friends will recommend it to their own circle of friends.

Your free good stuff can become viral. When this happens, watch the number of your fans grow.  Eventually, you will naturally attract more people for your business.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

4. Share Stories

In marketing, stories sell. To make your Facebook page more interesting, keep sharing stories of people whose lives have been changed by your business. Share their struggles and the solutions that they did.

Remember to share your story as well. Share how you began in the network marketing industry and tell them your struggles.

You are a human being and human beings share stories in Facebook.

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5. Deliver Excitement

Always deliver excitement and surprise to your fans. In your page, you can ask questions anything about network marketing or any topic that will excite them.

You can also give away prices through contests. This is one of the many ways that you can do to excite your fans.

6. Listen to Your Audience

Listen to what your audience wants and never stop listening. Give them what they want.

When you continue listening to your fans, you will make loyal fans in your page and through them, you will find more fans who will like your page.

Find out what they want to learn and find out what their struggles in network marketing are. Give solutions to their problems.

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7. Engage with Your Fans

When you listened to your audience, don’t leave them hanging. Engage with them.

In Facebook, people like pages that are engaging because they feel that the person behind the page cares about them.

There are many ways on how you engage your fans. One of which is by asking them questions about their struggles in network marketing and you can give them advice about them.

Another way is by responding to their comments quickly. This will show them that you notice their presence and you value them.

In conclusion,

These are the effective ways that you can do to increase the number of people who will like your Facebook page. Use them to make your page an authority in network marketing by being a resource for other network marketers.

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