5 Reasons Why Using Facebook for Business is Essential for your MLM Strategy

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Are you someone who already runs out of leads? Do you want to know how to reach thousands of people worldwide? Do you want to know what you will benefit from Facebook for Business?

In this modern digital world, Facebook is nothing new. I bet, you have your own Facebook account. As a network marketer, are you maximizing its potential? Have you found the gems inside Facebook that could help you in your business?

This article will answer those questions and it will give you the reasons you should use Facebook as part of your MLM strategy. You will learn its potential and how you can maximize it, not abuse it. If you are ready to learn more about it, read on.

Are you using Facebook for your MLM strategy?

Reason #1: Reach Your Friends Locally

In 2013, the Philippines has 27, 720, 300 Facebook users and 93.3% of the online population. That tells you, you can reach as many friends as you want to either introduce the opportunity or take orders.

You can use your Facebook account to establish a relationship with your friends but never use it to present the opportunity or a product. It will never work. To present the opportunity, always go for a one-on-one, two-on-one, Skype meeting or three-way call. Bottom-line: Facebook is for relationship building, not recruiting!

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Don’t commit the mistakes that most network marketers are doing with their Facebook accounts.  There are some who posts like there’s no tomorrow. There are some who posts like they’re the new generation mafias showing their cash, checks, sports cars and luxury houses, which most of them they don’t own.

Facebook is a powerful tool for lead generation for your network marketing business, use it properly and use it wisely.

Reason #2:  Reach Your Friends Overseas

Facebook is everywhere (except in countries where it is banned). You are connected in Facebook, so as your friends overseas.

Unlike before, you need to make a long distance call to get an update from your friend. With Facebook, you almost know the life story of your friends from their selfies to their checked-in’s.

Reaching your friends wherever they are is made even more possible through Facebook. Your friends are just a single message away.

Reason #3: Post Upcoming Events

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In your Facebook profile, you can post upcoming events of your company. You can post the schedule of regular meetings or you can post an announcement for big events.

Facebook is a great tool to broadcast to all of your friends about an update of upcoming live events that your community and company are having.

Reason #4:  Share Product Results

In network marketing, you become the product of the product. Where’s the best place to share it? Aside from meeting them personally, Facebook is the way to go. You can post an image of your result.

After I finished the weight management program, I posted my result. Within the day, 7 people asked me what I did, 3 requested a meeting with me and 1 bought the program.

That’s what you can get by posting your result. Although posting the results of others is OK, I still recommend you post your own result. Network marketing roots from word-of-mouth marketing, anyway. It’s better to post your own result.

In Facebook, you share, not sell!

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Reason #5:  Get Connected with Business Community

In Facebook, you can stay connected with your business community if you can’t be with them physically. In our community, we get connected through Facebook wherever we are. We have a group that gives us access to activities of the community, trainings, and announcements.

In your business community, I strongly recommend a Facebook Group page set in Private setting, unless you want to be seen publicly.

In conclusion,

Facebook is a powerful tool in reaching thousands of people globally. Today, it is an advantage for your MLM strategy to use Facebook for your business. The people, that I look up to in the network marketing industry has been using Facebook effectively in growing their business and organization. How about you? Use Facebook responsibly.


Grow Stronger and Live Better,

Niño P. Natividad

Founder of RichJuan.com – Digital Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Online Strategist and Blogger. Visit his website at NinoNatividad.com

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