4 Effective Methods on How to Find Prospects for Network Marketing Through Facebook

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Are you someone who wants to know how to find prospects for network marketing using Facebook? Are you someone who is having trouble finding prospects for your network marketing business? Do you want to know how to use Facebook to get unlimited prospects?

In this article, you will learn the effective methods in finding people for your network marketing business using the power of Facebook. You will discover how easy it is to find prospects in Facebook.

If you are ready to learn how to use these methods to find prospects for network marketing, let’s begin.

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1. Chat Your Friends

Chatting with your friends in Facebook is one of the best ways in finding prospects for your business. I have to warn you though, do not abuse this.

Many network marketers fail using this strategy because they invite their friends to take a look at their business at an early stage. The result, their friends either unfriended them in Facebook or avoided them in the real world.

You have to be clear with yourself that Facebook Chat is for prospecting, not for inviting or presenting.

To be effective in prospecting, simply establish relationships with everyone in your list of friends. Get updates about their lives, show appreciation in their achievements, or give whatever help you can give them.

When chatting with your friends, you only gather information about them.  You can later talk with them over the phone to ask them if they are open to looking at your network marketing business.

2. Create a Facebook Page

Your personal Facebook account is only limited to 5000 friends. That means you can reach out to 5000 individual human beings.

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With Facebook Page, that number can be exceeded. You are given the power to reach out to thousands or even millions of people in Facebook.

Create a Facebook page and tell everyone about how the business has changed your life. Share with them useful information through articles, images or videos.

Never use your Facebook Page to recruit only. It’s a big turn off and people will Unlike your page if you consistently do it. You don’t want that, do you?

Instead, use your Facebook page to connect to your fans. Use it to educate or entertain them. Give value.

3. Connect to Facebook Groups

In Facebook, there are several groups that you can participate in. I know of some network marketers who have a huge success in prospecting using Facebook Groups.

This method is effective because the members of the groups have a common interest. That interest might be related to topics that are related to network marketing.

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Join groups and remember to interact with the members. Share your thoughts or give your recommendations. While in Facebook Groups, remember to be human. Talk about what others would talk about. And remember to never pitch anything.

Just like what you’re doing in Facebook Chat, establish relationship with members of groups. Doing this will help you establish your authority on topics that each group resonates with.

4. Collect through Facebook Ads

Among the four, this method is the most effective one when finding prospects for your business opportunity. But this method will cost you some money.

With Facebook Ads, you can reach out to everyone in Facebook whose interests are the same as yours. That means, the chances of reaching out to the right people is higher.

Facebook Ads has a feature that allows you to target everyone whom you think might be interested in making a big change in their lives.

You may ask those targeted people to either like your page or visit an external website.

Ask them to Like your page so that every time you post something on your page, they will see it.  When they liked your page, you are allowing them to connect with you. That means you can communicate with them through your Facebook page.

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You can also ask them to visit an external website. This website can be a link to your blog post or a single page with an email catcher. Personally, I use Facebook ads to open a page with an email catcher.

Collecting their email address allows you to connect with them outside of Facebook.

In conclusion,

Facebook is effective when you use it to find prospects for network marketing. I don’t recommend that you use it to invite or recruit anyone for your business. If you want them to have a look at your business, call them over the phone and set up an appointment. Now, go out there and use Facebook to find prospects for your network marketing business.

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