10 Facebook Mistakes that You Should Avoid for Your Business

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Do you want to know how to properly promote your business online through Facebook? Are you committing these mistakes in Facebook and do you want to know how to avoid them? Do you want to learn the best practices in Facebook marketing?

Facebook is a powerful tool to promote your business, brand or product, but when used improperly, it will hurt your business, big time!

I have been managing Facebook pages for businesses for about 5 years. I did a lot of mistakes before using Facebook to promote products or services just like what most of the newbies are doing.  My result?  I could not get any sale. Never.

After researching how to utilize Facebook for business, I discovered that there are effective ways that are easy to follow and they helped my business grow. As a result, I was starting to get sales from products and services that I offer.

In this article, you will learn how to use Facebook to promote your products or services online. If you’ve been struggling to close a sale in Facebook, then continue reading this article and if you’re ready, let’s proceed.

Mistake #1: Not Creating a Facebook Page

This is the most important aspect of Facebook marketing that you should do.

It is not recommended that you use your personal Facebook account for business. Instead, create a Facebook Page for your business because when you use a Facebook Page, you will reach more people. As a result, you will increase the exposure of your business.

Mistake #2: Never Giving Value to Your Fans

Your fans Liked your page because they want value and they want to be entertained. As a Page, give useful information to your fans and interact with them. Have fun with them. Entertain them!

If you won’t give your fans the value that they deserve, it’ll be bad for your business.

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Mistake #3: Posting Whenever You Feel Like It

How often should you post to your Facebook page? Regularly.

It depends on your strategy. In my pages, I usually post at least 8 times per day. Do not over post, though. You may be treated as a spammer by your fans (who are your potential customers).

Mistake #4: Using a Lot of Call-to-Action

In your posts, make sure to put a single call-to-action only.  Not two, not three, not even four but one! When you post more than one call-to-action, you will confuse your fans and when your fans are confused, your conversion rate decreases.

If you ask for a name, ask for a name and post it in a single post. If you want them to visit an article on your website, ask them to click the link to your post, nothing else. Use one action at a time.

Mistake #5: Posting Boring Images

Images are interesting and I’ve been using them to organically get more fans. Post images that will resonate with your audience. How would you know if they will resonate with your post? Post test images.

The total quantity of Comments, Likes and Shares are your indicators that images are not boring.

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Mistake #6: Not Linking Your Facebook Page from Your Website

If you have a website, remember to put a link on your website to your Facebook page.

Tell your readers that you are existing in Facebook.

Mistake #7:  Never Posting Business-Related Posts

What’s the use of creating a business page if you won’t post business-related posts?

Are you planning to launch a new product? Post it to your page. Are you planning to offer products for sale? Post it to your page. Are you planning to have a promo for your brand? Post it.

Your posts must be relevant to your business.

Mistake #8: Over-Posting Business-Related Posts

In relation to Mistake #6, avoid over-posting business-related posts.  Do not over promote your business because people don’t want to get sold in Facebook. The primary reason people log in to Facebook is they want to be entertained. Vary your posts.

Mistake #9: Not Interacting With Your Audience

Don’t be such a coward robot. Have fun, interact with your crowd. Let them feel that you are still human. Facebook is designed for you or your business to interact with other people. You can ask your audience how they are feeling today! Make a comment on their comments. Like, share…be human. Simply interact with them.

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Mistake #10: Not Liking Related Facebook Pages

Share the good karma.  It’s important that you like the pages of other brands that are related to your business. If you are promoting a restaurant, like pages of famous chefs or the top restaurants in the world.

In conclusion,

Facebook is a powerful tool to promote your business because it’s almost everywhere. When done properly, you can attract fans who can become your loyal customers. Avoid these mistakes and skyrocket your business.

What do you think? What are the mistakes that you’ve been doing in Facebook? How can you correct these mistakes? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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