7 Tips on How to Write Articles that Everybody Reads

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Are you someone who is having trouble getting your articles read? Do you want to know how you can improve in writing your articles? Do you want to know how to write articles that will make your readers in the network marketing industry come back for more?

Content is king.  But how can you make your articles become king that everyone reads? How do you make them interesting? How can you make them spread like wildfire?

Writing articles for your blog is a challenging activity but a rewarding one. When I started out my first blog, I had no visitor for the first few months. When I finally had one, that person only stayed for about 5 seconds. It was a struggle until I discovered some tricks that helped me make my readers stay to read my articles and ask for more.

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In this article, you will learn the 7 writing techniques that I’ve been using that gave me great results. These tips will help you grow the number of your audience who are reading your articles.

These techniques are being used by successful bloggers and you can adopt them in your blog. If you want to learn how to make your blog that people visit frequently, keep reading.

Tip #1: Be Human

Gone are the days when robots write articles for you. The days of automated written articles are gone. The days of over-stuffing keywords in your articles are over.

If you still continue doing this, search engines will penalize you and you will not like it. And when you get penalized, expect very few to no visitors in your website.

Aside from being penalized, your articles would sound as if you were constipated. Your articles will sound choppy and nobody would like to read choppy articles.

When you write your articles, do it yourself and write for humans. Never write articles that will please the search engines only. You are not writing for the search engines, but for your human readers.

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Tip #2: Write as You Would Normally Speak

How you speak normally should reflect on the articles that you write. Never be somebody you’re not when writing your articles. Be your own voice when you deliver your message to the network marketing industry.

You have a distinct style, a distinct voice. Your writing style makes you different and special from the rest of the noisy and crowded internet world.

Write as you would normally speak and eventually, you will attract the right people who resonate with the articles that you wrote. Never be Julia when writing then be Jane when speaking. Be consistent.

Tip #3: Be Conversational

When you write your articles, be conversational. Write as if you are talking to me or to any of your readers. Write as if that person is right in front of you. Write as if you are talking with that person face-to-face.

To make your articles conversational, use first-person perspective pronouns such as I, You or We. In a friendly conversation, you don’t refer to yourself as Mr. X, do you?

Instead, write as if you are talking to a friend. After all, your readers from the network marketing industry are your friends. Be conversational.

Tip #4: Get Rid of Jargons

When you write your articles, avoid jargons at all times. You don’t want your readers to look for them in Google. People nowadays are very impatient and they would leave your articles quickly if you indirectly ask them to find the meaning of your jargons themselves.

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Jargons are like humancides. They drive people away and they make them nuts! Never use them. But if you need to, always remember to put the meaning that human beings would understand, ok? Speak plain English, not Jargonian.

Tip #5: Break Some Writing Rules

I am telling you now to break some of the writing rules that you learned at school. The articles in your blog are not intended to give you high grades. Your articles are your expression.

Use but, and, so and because at the beginning of your sentences. This is incorrect at school, but they seem to be effective on interesting articles. How do I know? Because successful bloggers have great results by breaking writing rules.

I have been a follower of formal writing, but I found out, my articles didn’t sound like me. I found out that my articles were boring. So one day, I decided to break the rules. Just like magic, more readers stayed to read my articles.

When writing, break some rules.

Tip #6: Lighten Up

When writing your articles, lighten up. Care about the topics that you write about. If you won’t care about them, neither would your readers in the network marketing industry be.

What if you are new to the network marketing industry and you have zero idea about it to care about it? You’ve got to learn to care about the industry. It’s the only way for you to care about it.


When writing articles for your readers in the industry, have the sense of enthusiasm and enjoy what you do. If you’re not enjoying, then writing about the network marketing industry might not be for you.

Tip #7: Tell Stories

When you show your boring data, over exaggerating statistics and exceeding claims, you are not making any sense at all. People won’t buy it.  When writing articles for the network marketing industry, tell stories.

People are wired to listen to stories. Do you know how we knew about how our country was founded? Through the stories of our great grandfathers. Do you know how we knew about our existence? Through the stories that we were told about.

When writing articles for the people in the network marketing industry, write stories. These stories can be yours or somebody else’s.

Stories make people hooked to your articles. As we say in the marketing world, stories sell.

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In conclusion,

Follow these tips and make your next article a must-read article in the network marketing industry.  These tips can help you write articles that everybody will choose to read. These techniques helped me a lot and they greatly increased (and continues to increase) the number of people who reads my articles. Now go and write those awesome articles!

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